Interesting New Way To Potty Train A Puppy

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  • This puppy has been potty trained in an interesting, unique new way. PingPong the Welsh Corgi puppy has been trained to actually use the toliet in the house. What a unique idea and will be especially helpful when you live in an apartment.

    This will actually be a timesaver for you as well. It will also be really good for those in the wintertime when it is so cold outside or too much snow on the ground. There are so may benefits to this!

    Watch the video below to see it in action…

    Get dog steps so you can train your puppy to do this too!



    38 Comments to Interesting New Way To Potty Train A Puppy

    1. This is a good idea ,ONLY if you have to be gone for very long periods or wet/freezing temperatures and the dog has his own bathroom. Otherwise they need to go outdoors.

    2. Maximus goes at the bathroom door too, but I use the reusable pads. I put them in the washing machine and dryer. He used to tear up anything that resembles paper.

    3. For God’s sake and the puppy’s sake put on a leash and take the poor baby for a walk. Lazy parents make lazy pups. He needs fresh air and to see the world !! And who wants puppy poop and pee on their commode !! Poor baby will never see the light of day !! Not cool just cruel !!

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