Three Puppies Found In Trash Bag – See How They Were Rescued

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    These three puppies were found alive inside a tied trash bag sitting beside a garbage can in Pleasant Hill's Paso Nogal Park, California on Monday.

    The puppies are very lucky to be found by couple walking their dog. The couples' dog, an australian shepherd, was very interested in the bag. So the couple opened the bag to see what was inside and found the puppies alive and well. They were so kind to take them home and feed them.

    Next, they took them to the Contra Costa County Animal Services Shelter. The puppies are very fortunate that the couple was so kind.

    According to ABC7News Contra Costa County animal control director, Rick Golphin, said “the puppies are in good hands” and are being put up for adoption.

    The Coatra Costa Animal Services is asking that anyone with information about the puppies contact them at 925-335-8300.

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