Why To Adopt A Labrador Retriever – Find Out Now

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  • Why To Adopt A Labrador Retriever – Find Out Now

    Labrador Retrievers are the best breed ever according to “Best Breed Ever” on Youtube. They have been rated the number one popular dog in the United States every year for the last several years.

    Labradors facts you should know:

    • Labradors are originally from Canada
    • They were bred to help fishermen retrieve their catch and bring hunters their game
    • The come in three main colors: Black, Yellow, and Chocolate (brown)
    • They have webbed feet
    • They have an otter like tail
    • They have a near waterproof coat making them excellent swimmers
    • They make excellent guide dogs because they are very friendly and reliable
    • Labs can be trained to respond to hundreds of commands
    • Labs are obedient, affectionate, reliable companions
    • They are medium-sized dogs that need exercise
    • They shed moderately twice a year
    • They thrive in most environments, though should live indoors
    • They are great with families with children
    • They are high energy dogs
    • They live to be 12 – 13 years old



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